VitaminQ capacitors

Military Surplus mineral-oil in paper capacitors acquired circa 1980's. These are actual unused (NOS) vintage labeled 'sprague' VitaminQ capacitors. There are, in fact, many more of these items in this collection however they are more generically labeled since they were really nothing special at the time they were manufactured.

PartNo Description ~Qty~ Condition
196P47404S4 0.47uF 400vDC axial 1 old unused
196P47494S4 0.47uF 400vDC axial 20 old unused
86PT15-909080-1 2.0uF 300vDC chassis 3 old unused
CP09A1KB123K3 0.012uF 100vDC axial 6 old unused
CP09A1KB153K3 0.015uF 100vDC axial 10 old unused
CP09A1KC683K 0.068uF 200vDC +-10% axial 3 old unused
CP09A1KE123K3 0.012uF 400vDC axial 6 old unused
CP09A1KF152K 0.0015uF 600vDC axial 2 old unused

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