Military wire collection

Military Surplus MIL-W-16878/4 wire acquired circa 1980's. Actually... Not every roll is /4 or E-type but most are, however, all are M16878 slash something. Anyway... They were collected over a ten year period and I'm going to estimate that there is around 7500 - 8000 pounds on reels and an additional 1500 - 2000 pounds of scrap. Mostly cables and wire-harnesses and ends (less then 25ft). A lot of the scrap has, seemingly unused, military connectors (coax, round, etc.). Finally... The information represented here is from original traceability data on the rolls. Hence; No data. Poor description. And of course... I've used a few thousand feet over the years so the total count may be off by a bit.
Photo documentation is available here.

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PartNo AWG Strands Configuration Detail Price/ft Feet
ENAMEL-1-30-2R880 30ga RESISTOR 2.88ohm/ft $0.25 2000
ENAMEL-1-34-7R550 34ga RESISTOR 7.55ohm/ft $0.25 500
ENAMEL-1-36-14R77 36ga RESISTOR 14.77ohm/ft $0.25 2000
ENAMEL-1-38-53R15 38ga RESISTOR 53.15ohm/ft $0.25 1500
ENAMEL-1-40-31R43 40ga RESISTOR 31.43ohm/ft $0.25 2500
WIRE-1-001-812R0 x001 RESISTOR/FUSE 512ohm/ft $0.25 5000

Found 6 items of 6 types totaling 13500 feet.