Surplus transformers some Military acquired circa 1980's. Few of these devices would be considered Military. In fact most are hobby grade. There is only a small variety as most of them have been used in numerous projects over the years. There are a few dozen more to catalog and some of them I'm keeping because I still have hopes of using them.

General information on transformers can be found on Wiki. Additionally a more comprehensive inventory list (filtered) is available as a CSV file or if you didn't understand that there is also a linux generated Excel version.

PartNo Description ~Qty~ Condition
MCCARRON-4163-1 power 156-4163-001A1 1 old unused
PC-16-1500B12 115vAC/16vCT-1.5A 60Hz 2 old unused
STANCOR-P-6461 117vAC/10vAC-10A 60Hz 3 old unused
STANCOR-P-8130 117vAC/12.6vCT-2A 60Hz 3 old unused
TF5RX0422 50mH-550mA 10mH-2.5A DCR-0.55Ohm 120Hz 3 old unused
TORWICO-TFS03YY 16vAC/30vAC-834mA 400Hz TW-64349 1 old unused
TRIAD-F-40X 115vAC/26.8vCT-1A 60Hz 4 old unused
TRIAD-N-51X 115vAC/115vAC-35W 60Hz 1 old unused
TRIAD-R-108A 115vAC/500vCT-750mA/6.3vCT-2.5A/5vAC-2A 60Hz 1 old unused
TRIAD-S-20X 2kOhms-50maDC/4Okms-3W 2 old unused
UTC-S-2 interstage plate to 2 grids ratio 1:2 1:4 60Hz 1 old unused
UTC-TF4RX21YY signal dual 150/150/500ohm 300-3500Hz 145v JB-700 1 old unused
ZTC-TF5SX02ZZ 115vAC/450vAC-2mA 400Hz 1 old unused

Found 24 items in 13 types